PLASA Show London 2023


“BeamZ Lighting, a prominent innovator in the global lighting industry, lit up the UK stage with its dazzling showcase at the PLASA Show in London!”

We would like to thank everyone who visited our beamZ booth at the PLASA Show in London, held from September 3 to 5. Our innovative, affordable lighting solutions fascinated industry professionals and set new standards in lighting technology.

Our presence at the PLASA Show was nothing short of spectacular. We unveiled our latest lighting marvels, leaving attendees spellbound. One of the stars of the show was the “IGNITE300LED 300W BSW,” a powerful Beam/Spot/Wash LED moving-head fixture that is ready to revolutionize live events and stage productions.

The “StarColor200,” the latest addition to the StarColor family, a wall wash fixture known for its extensive color spectrum and versatile control options, also took center stage and received accolades from lighting designers and rental companies for its adaptability in creative lighting projects and architectural installations.

“We are very pleased with the overwhelmingly positive responses we received at the PLASA Trade Show,” said Mario Velders, owner of beamZ Lighting (Tronios). “Our team has worked tirelessly to launch the beamZ brand in the UK, and the enthusiastic reception from UK industry professionals validates our efforts. We are excited to see our products making a significant impact in the world of entertainment and professional lighting.”

The successful participation in the PLASA Show reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of lighting technology and solidifies our position as a leader in the industry of affordable lighting solutions.

Would you like to relive the PLASA light show? Then click here for more information and the video.