The complete ProLight+Sound 2023 lightshow


The beamZ Professional Light Show at ProLight + Sound Frankfurt 2023 offers a range of professional lighting and atmospheric effects systems with the latest designs and features.
Combining innovation and the latest trends at class leading prices.

Here displayed in two beamZ lighting shows @ ProLight + Sound Frankfurt 2023

00:00 The first show featuring the capabilities of our equipment on a musical level.
03:34 The second show is a showcase on a class leading technical level.

Products featured in this show include:

14 x 152.112 IGNITE300LED 300W BSW
12 x Tiger 18R BSW 380W CMY MHead
12 x Tiger 17R BS 350W MHead
12x MHL1240 Mov Head Zoom 12x40W
12 x MHL740 Mov Head Zoom 7x40W
8 x SB400IP Stage Blinder IP65 4 x 100W
8 x BS1500 Stroboscope LED RGBW IP65
20 x LCB155 LED BAR 12x12W 6in1 RGBWA-UV
22 x LCB14 LED BAR 14x3WW+56 SMD Pixel
2 x LCB140 LED BAR Alu.12x6W RGBW
28 x BAC302 ProPar Alu6 x12W6-1RGBWA-UV