SUSHI-Z1 DMX Interface


  • DMX interface with software
  • DMX channels: 128 (expandable to 512)
  • Stand-alone capacity with memory: 1,266 steps with 12 channels / 8 scenes
  • Option to use ArtNet
  • Library with over 15,000+ supported fixtures
  • Create your own fixtures with the Scan Library Editor
  • Operating system: Android, Amazon, MacOS, iOS, Windows
  • DMX connector: 3-pin XLR
  • Comes with free software (download) and USB cable
Product colour Black
DMX connection USB, 3-pin XLR
Power supply 5V via USB
Dimensions (L x W x H) 78 x 18mm
Weight (kg) 0.0830

 Transform your computer into a powerful lighting controller!

The SUSHI-Z1 is not only one of the most compact DMX interfaces on the market, it comes complete with the software needed to start creating extremely impressive and equally comprehensive light shows! Loaded with SUT, or Smart Upgrade Technology, the SUSHI-Z1 offers 128 channels that can be easily expanded to 512 – or more if you decide to tap into ArtNet. Either way, the unit offers up to 12 channels in stand-alone mode and supports over 15,000 fixtures to ensure you have the ability to patch up and combine virtually any DMX-based set-up.

Despite its small size, the SUSHI-Z1 packs huge potential thanks to the four DMX software licenses that DMXsoft include: a 1-year subscription to Light Rider (Android/Apple app); a 1-year subscription to Easy View Connect software (Windows & Mac); 1-year subscription to Sunlite Suite 2 (the most popular DMX software currently available for Windows) and a 1-year subscription to Daslight 4 (MacOS). Also, since these licences are only activated once they’re registered and linked with the interface itself, you’re not tied to a specific computer, laptop or tablet. In fact, you’re offered the freedom to use the SUSHI-Z1 interface whenever, wherever!

Easy View connect software also offers a 3D visualizer for any DMX controller with the DMX IN feature. ESA2 software and Arcolis app allow to program scenes in stand-alone mode, very useful for rental or architectural applications.

Included software (1 year license):
– Daslight 4 (MacOs, Windows)
– Light Rider (Android, iOS)
– Sunlite Suite 2 (Windows)
– Easy View Connect software (Windows & Mac)

Software can be downloaded via
Additional licences can be purchased via

The SUSHI-Z1 requires USB power for stand-alone use.